Should be well equipped To enjoy your fishing trip, you need to take the right utensils with you. These include nets, hooks, bait, and trout fishing rods. This is a fantastic place if you want to immerse yourself in Dubai`s traditional culture in terms of architecture, authentic Emirati cuisine and old world lifestyle. For fish, you need to catch species such as martin, hammour and striped bass. After a satisfying fishing holiday, guests can stroll through nearby Dubai Creek Park for a relaxing night in the area. • Have a fishing license from the competent authority A gargour is a cage-shaped fish trap with an opening that allows fish to swim without being able to escape. It targets deep-sea fish such as Hammour, Jesh and Zuraidi. Gargour licences are issued to commercial fishers who have large fishing vessels (motorized dhows). This permit is only granted to UAE nationals and requires approval by the local fisheries authority. Since we focus on recreational fishing, you don`t have to worry about it at all. Depending on when you want to fish, this will affect the type of fishing you should do and the species you are more likely to catch.

This is an envelope to our fishing guide. If you love the sea but fishing isn`t in your driveway, take a look at these gorgeous Dubai beaches. “These are designed to create an environment where small fish move, which are then attacked by the larger predator,” he said. Applying for a recreational fishing license in Dubai is free. However, you should note that this is only possible from November to May to get the number of fish. Several fishing tourism companies are offered to tourists. They have fishing boats with professional captains and quality fishing equipment. In addition, most of these tour operators in Dubai offer you the opportunity to also enjoy a cruise along the coast or water sports. As for freshwater fishing, it is only possible in artificial reservoirs. Fish, of course, lives there, only locals and visitors perceive it as one of the decorative elements of this rich and prosperous country. Improved socializationThis type of activity is also good for your social life.

You will meet so many people in the different fishing grounds where you can interact and exchange ideas. It is a platform where you can meet new people, share your thoughts and have fun. Maybe you`ll meet your next business partner at some of these locations. If you want something that will help you overcome boredom and interact with a lot of people in your free time, then you should go fishing. Food Source This can also be a good source of nutrition. You can make a meal from the intake you ate on a certain date. Fish is an excellent source of protein and goes well with so many other dishes. In addition to having fun with this type of activity, you will also enjoy a good meal at the end of the day. Dufara is a small fishing net used in shallow water to catch fish such as dolphinfish, scaly queen and yellowtail fish. This service requires the applicant to have a registered fishing vessel.

Are you surprised to see the name Jumeirah Beach on our list? Well, although this beach has enough great reasons to attract crowds, the excellent fishing opportunity is definitely one of them. Everything you need to know about laws, licenses and fishing seasons You can`t just go fishing somewhere on Al Mamzar beach. Be sure to avoid swimming spots, the Mamzar Corniche, landing sites and fishing ports. It`s good to fish the rest of the area. Here are the contact details of some fishing travel agencies in Dubai Fishing is a unique art that must be mastered. The techniques for a big catch often used by fishermen in the UAE are fishing (with a hook), nets and trapping. However, you`ll have to go deep sea fishing for the ultimate catch – an easy adventure that attracts tourists from all corners of the world to the Middle East. Casting – Here, the boat is static. You cast the line with the bait, and then you roll it up.

It has the same effect as trawling, where the bait moves above the surface of the sea.