The site offers you the possibility to create personalized legal and administrative documents: our mission is not to replace a lawyer, but to offer an IT solution to facilitate the creation of documents. Above all, we do not give legal advice or indicate which document to choose or how to fill it out. If you don`t know how to answer, you`ll find a help text next to each field on the form to serve as a guide. First, select the type of document you want to fill out. You will be redirected to a page with a form on the left and the document on the right. Don`t worry, you can follow the established procedure to recover a document. The document is based on your answers. Some of the questions only serve to fill in the gaps in the model. Others add or delete entire paragraphs. We recommend that you answer the questions carefully. No. Miracle, an IT company, publishes the website. Payments with PayPal are made securely via PayPal Secure.

At the end, you can download the created document in Word and PDF format. You can edit and reuse the Word document as and whenever you want. The templates cover most of the usual cases. If you feel that the document does not fit your particular case, have it read by a lawyer. Of course! The data you enter when filling out a document is encrypted. Even we cannot read them, let alone pass them on to third parties. The price of each document depends on its size and popularity. It appears at the bottom of the form. Your document is ready! Use it the way you want.

Free. To see the price of a document without filling out the form, you can simply go to the form and click “Next Step” until the price is displayed without filling in the fields. If you agree with the price, you can go back to the top to fill out the form. A team of lawyers and lawyers writes the templates Your document can now be used! Use it for anything you want. We never have access to your credit or debit card numbers or credentials. You can choose from our 160 available documents. The document is written as you complete the questionnaire: articles are added or deleted, paragraphs are modified or words are modified. Sample letters and contracts in the United States Lawyers and lawyers create the first models. Then, our computer program automatically creates the document you need based on your answers to the form. Documents cost between $49 and $1,399, with an average price of $320.66. The editorial staff continues to grow, depending on the success of the site. All elements of the site are secure: the code, the servers and, of course, all your information.